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A litre beer is the measure of all things.
Control systems for restaurant breweries
Liebhart’s residence beers from Detmold
Control system for Liebhart’s private brewery
Designed and installed as commissioned by the company Velo/FOODING GmbH

Scope of the installed equipment
Fully automatic and manual controls for the brewing room

- functional block mash tub/
  wort kettle, lauter vat
- chopping and stirring device,
  brewing room pump, spent grains pump

Control of the malt mill and the malt furnish

Control of the fermentation and storage cellar
Control of the CIP equipment

Control system hardware
2x SPS SIMATIC S7-315-2 DP
for the brewing room (brewing process) including the malt mill and the CIP/ fermentation and storage tanks

Design of the control system
Operation of the brewing process
- from a control panel on the brewing
  room block using Touch Screen
- from a PC in the office of the brewing
  master with WinCC
- from a PC in the Homeoffice
  with pcAnywhere
- from the fermentation cellar (for
  CIP and fermentation cellar)

Automatic operation of the brewing process according to specified procedures and pre-selectable parameters

Storage and invocation of a maximum of 10 kinds of beer

Comfortable parameterisation options at the control panels
- beer type parameter
- control parameters for
  temperatures and speed

Integrated time plan temperature control – automatic changeover of the valves during the cooling of the wort

Cleaning programs for fermentation tanks, pipelines and brewing room

Control of the speed of the pumps during the lautering process, cooling of the wort and the CIP

Liebhart’s residence beers from Detmold Liebhart’s residence beers from Detmold

Liebhart’s residence beers from Detmold

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