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Control systems for restaurant breweries
Restaurant brewery

Designed and installed as commissioned by the company VELO S.p.A. in Italy

Scope of the installed equipment
  • control of the brewing room
    in the automatic and manual
    operation functional block
  • mash vat/wort vat, lautering vat, whirlpool, hot water tank
  • control of the malt furnish
  • control of the fermentation
    and storage cellar
  • CIP control of the brewing room
Design of the control system
Operation of the brewing process from a control panel on the brewing room block with Touchscreen

Automatic operation of the brewing programs according to specified procedures with optional parameters and types
Wide range of automatic cleaning programs

Controlling operations performed using SPS SIMATIC S7-315-2 DP
for the brewing room and S7-312 for the fermentation and storage cellar and a Touchscreen for operating and visualising the processes



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