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A great event:
Establishing a brewery.
Control systems for restaurant breweries
Highest brewery in Europe
Control system for the restaurant brewery Monstein, Switzerland
Designed and installed as commissioned by the company FOODING GmbH

Scope of the installed equipment
Control of the brewing room with automatic and manual operations
- functional block mash vat/
  wort vat, lautering vat
- chopping and stirring device

Control of the malt mill and the malt furnish

Design of the control system
Operation of the brewing process from a control panel over a Touch-Screen

Automatic operation of the brewing process according to specified procedures and pre-selectable parameters
Storage and invocation of beer types
Integrated time plan and temperature control
Speed control during the lautering and wort cooling process

Control hardware
  • SPS SIMATIC S7-315-2 DP
    for the brewing process using Profibus coupled with
    the control of the malt mill
  • operation using Touch-Screen
  • variable speed actuators
    using frequency converters

Highest brewery in Europe Highest brewery in Europe Highest brewery in Europe

Highest brewery in Europe

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