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Quality is the specially
defined mode of action of a body.
Controls for special purpose machines

Control system for a revolving automat with 18 processing units for manufacturing gripper fingers
Designed and produced for the company Dr. Mader Maschinenbau GmbH

The simultaneous processing of clamping ring and brass holder in the production of gripper spindles at the Ternitz works of KBA-Mödlingen is performed on 18 processing units of the revolving machine.

Equipment content
    Revolving table with 18 processing units
  • drilling and milling units
  • thread cutting units
  • trimming units
  • groove units
  • feeding and removal station

    Actuator and sensor technology
  • 16 motors
  • 19 valves
  • 46 sensors and final
    position feedback

Design of the control system
Decentralised design of the control in master, energy master and station controls connected by a PPI-Bus and energy bus.

Master control is responsible for the central coordination and operation – it contains SPS SIMATIC S7-224, Touch Panel TP 070, operating elements, EMERGENCY OFF relays

Energy master control consists of the energy supply, the main switch, fuses and current distribution, energy bus for 230/400 VAC and 24 VDC

Station controls consist of the autonomous process control of the processing units –

Control system for a revolving automat

Control system for a revolving automat

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