CEP Anlagenautomatisierung GmbH
Environment which needs to be protected
is not only around us but also within us.

Control systems for
waste water treatment plants

Control system for the waste water treatment plant SIEMENS Berlin
Designed and installed for the company

Scope of the treatment plant
- silver recovery
- 3 treatment lines
- chemicals storage space
- 13 hoisting stations
- final filtration
- sludge drainage

Design of the control system
Automatic process
Optimisation of the treatment process
Parameterisation of the modules
Plant communication through visualisation

Control system hardware
Feeding field

Two fields for motor branches
SPS and operating field with
- SIMATIC S7-315-2 DP
- Touch-Screen TP 27-10

Decentralised operating cabinet
with MPI bus coupling to the SPS field

waste water treatment plants waste water treatment plants

waste water treatment plants

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